Who Is sax? ~~~~~~
Even though I have had the talent of being creative since a little girl, I did not know that I would end up making it more of a career.  I always looked at designing as a hobby or just something to do.  I have been designing for others since 1998. When I decided t go to college, I was not sure as to what I wanted to do, so I decided to major in Business Administration with emphasis on Marketing with hopes of landing employment with a stable company that I could grow with, take to another level and just share my talents with.

All of the graphic programs and skills in graphic designing was not out when I went to school. Computers were just beginning to come to life in the world back then lol..... (Don't b trying to guess my age!!! lol)

While in college, I worked part time for a company doing the advertising without having a computer but made it happen freehand. Once I graduated from college I went into the area of Law Enforcement for approximately seven years. After realizing that I needed to do what I went to school for, I decided to branch out and learn more about graphics on my own.

With that said I am a self taught graphic/web designer. I was blessed with landing a great job as Marketing Manager where I was able to continue to learn more about graphic and web designing.  I can learn any program out there when it comes to designing because it is my passion.

I enjoy doing what I do because I have a very creative mind that allows me to put together quickly what someone may want or need to market their business in a way that is eye catching to customers.
Every design you see on this website including flash files were designed by me. I am a one woman show. This means all of my designs are done by me and me only. I take pride in my designs, and refuse to give out anything to anyone that is not professional. Try me, I won't disappoint you !!!!